About Us

Dr. Libby Paskey

I earned my Doctorate of Chiropractic and Masters in Sport Science and Rehabilitation at Logan University. As a Madison native, I wanted to start my practice in this amazing city to serve the athletes who are facing the same struggles that I did- poor recovery from sports injuries.

I firmly believe that movement is the best medicine. Once we identify the source of the pain or injury, we can apply specific movements that the body deems safe and reprogram those faulty patterns. My goal is to keep you moving as much as possible through the treatment process.


Laura Thorpe, business manager

Before launching Infinite Athlete Chiropractic & Rehab with Dr. Libby, I was a public educator in the Stoughton Area School District for 20 years.  Even though I love working with kids, I couldn’t be more excited about making this career transition from education to health care.  I believe in living a healthy lifestyle by eating well, exercising daily and utilizing preventative care.

It all began in January of 2016 when I met Dr. Libby and immediately was in awe with her compassion, dedication and attentiveness to giving the best patient care EVER!  I quickly came to the realization that we shared many values and beliefs in regards to how patient care should be from the moment a person enters the clinic to when they leave. 

In my free time, I enjoy playing in summer and winter volleyball leagues, spending time on the water kayaking and paddle boarding, working out at my fitness club and teaching group fitness classes.  But most of all, I love spending time with my two amazing kids, two very naughty Chihuahuas and tribe of incredible friends!